Sight loss is not an inevitable part of ageing, an estimated 50% of sight loss is avoidable. Maintaining good eye health is central to maintaining good mental, social and physical health. Vision loss is associated with a reduction in overall quality of life, mental health, independence, mobility, educational attainment, and employment.

The vision profile brings together population rates across the whole eye pathway. Giving local areas comparable indicators of risk factors, healthcare and outcomes to support commissioning and planning.

The Vision profile is an online tool showing eye health data from a range of sources and is presented in the following domains:

  • Outpatient indicators
  • Procedures, such as intravitreal injections and cataract surgery
  • Sight loss outcomes
  • Risk factors

The vision profile can be accessed by clicking on the 'Start' button here or on the right hand side of the page.

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Latest statistical commentary

September 2023 statistical commentary


Vision atlas of variation

The Vision profile is based on indicators developed for the Atlas of variation in risk factors and healthcare for vision in England. The Atlas showed that vision treatment specialties accounted for almost 10% of all outpatient attendances in England. The full Atlas PDF, interactive atlas and datafile is available from

Updated data for the full set of ten hospital based indicators published in the Atlas is available in this datafile with accompanying metadata.

Future updates to the profiles will be announced on the statistical release calendar