This page contains two tools providing data on health inequalities at England and local authority levels. The tools have both been developed as interactive web tools using R shiny software, and each can be accessed at the links below.


Health Inequalities Dashboard

The Health Inequalities Dashboard provides information to monitor progress on reducing inequalities within England. It presents measures of inequality for 18 key indicators, each drawn from the Public Health Outcomes Framework. The dashboard measures trends in each indicator since a baseline period, with longer term data provided where these are available. Inequalities are considered across a range of dimensions, including deprivation, ethnic group, sexual orientation and employment status.

Data are currently available at England level for all indicators, and at local authority and region level for some indicators. Further local level data will be added to the tool over time.

Access the Health Inequalities Dashboard here


Segment Tool

The Segment Tool provides information on the causes of death and age groups that are driving inequalities in life expectancy at local area level. Targeting the causes of death and age groups which contribute most to the life expectancy gap should have the biggest impact on reducing inequalities.

The tool provides data tables and charts showing the breakdown of the life expectancy gap in 2015-17 for two comparisons:

  1. England - The gap between each local authority/region as a whole and England as a whole.
  2. Within area - The gap between the most deprived quintile of each area (local authority/region/England) and the least deprived quintile of the area.

Access the Segment Tool here

An Excel file containing all data from the Segment Tool can be downloaded here

Recent updates

May 2019

This page was created in May 2019 to host the Health Inequalities Dashboard and Segment Tool. Both tools were updated at the same time.

The following changes have been made to the Health Inequalities Dashboard since the previous update in September 2018:

  • The tool has been renamed ‘Health Inequalities Dashboard’

  • The grouping of the indicators into domains has been revised for consistency with the Public Health Outcomes Framework

  • All of the 18 indicators have been updated with latest inequality data at England level

  • Region and local authority level data have been added for 17 of the 18 indicators (all indicators except proportion of 5 year old children with dental decay)

  • Inequality data at region and local authority level have been added for 4 of the 18 indicators. It is planned that more local level inequality data will be added to the tool over time

The following changes have been made to the Segment Tool since the previous update in May 2016:

  • The tool has been redeveloped as an interactive web tool (using R shiny software), replacing the previous Excel based tool and pdf reports

  • Data has been updated to 2015-17

  • The methodology used to calculate the contributions of causes of death to life expectancy gaps has been revised for consistency with analysis presented in the Health Profile for England inequalities chapter

  • The detailed cause of death groups have been revised for consistency with the Health Profile for England analysis

  • The contribution of specific age groups to life expectancy gaps have been added

The methodology changes mean that the latest version of the Segment Tool is not comparable with previous versions of the tool, so older versions have been removed from the website.