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Fingertips is a large public health data collection. Data is organised into themed profiles. Start by choosing a profile from the list.

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February 2024

Excess Mortality within England: post-pandemic method published

Analysis of food categories in the calorie reduction guidelines: 2017 to 2021 published

Major updates released: 

Local Alcohol Profiles for England (LAPE) renamed to Alcohol Profile

December 2023

Major updates released. E.g. for:

Inhale profile renamed to Respiratory Disease.

November 2023

Dental services Profile launched

September 2023

Vision Profile launched

July 2023

The August update of Fingertips has been postponed until September due to capacity issues.

June 2023

All STI indicators updated in the Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles including a new Shigella indicator.

March 2023

GP profile for patients

Child Health Profiles -
summary snapshot reports updated

February 2023

Sexual health Profile update and
SPLASH - 2023 reports released

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