The Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles have been developed by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) and Office for Heath improvement & Disparities (OHID) to support local authorities, public health leads and other interested parties to monitor the sexual and reproductive health of their population and the contribution of local public health related systems.

Interactive maps, charts and tables provide a snapshot and trends across a range of topics including teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual offences. Wider influences on sexual health such as alcohol use, and other topics particularly relating to teenage conceptions such as education and deprivation level, are also included. 

The Summary Profiles of Local Authority Sexual Health (SPLASH) reports for County / UA can be found in the Reports section of the profile here.

To accompany this tool, advice and further data can be found in:

Developments and contact details

The range of indicators and their presentation will be extended and refined as further data sources and software functionality become available. We also make ongoing improvements to the tool, including the accompanying indicator definitions and supporting information, following user feedback and reviews.

Feedback is welcomed - please email us at Alternatively, you may wish to discuss issues raised with UKHSA pan-regional local health protection services, including UKHSA Sexual Health Facilitators who are attached to each regional centre.