This page carries supporting materials to assist with interpretation of the Fingertips profiles and further use of the indicator data.  These include guidance documents and tools, some of which were previously published on the website of the Association of Public Health Observatories, and others which are more recent PHE publications. The technical guides include descriptions of standard methods used within PHE to produce indicators robustly and consistently.  The content is managed by the Public Health Data Science team.

PHE Technical Guides

Comparators Briefing – Overview
Comparators Briefing – Technical

Technical Guide – Assigning Deprivation Categories (updated June 2017)
   Tool for assigning deprivation categories

Technical Guide – Funnel Plots (updated June 2017)

Technical Guide – RAG Rating Indicator Values (updated July 2017)

Technical Guide – Spine Charts (updated July 2017)

Using ONS mortality data – taking account of changes to cause of death coding from 2014
   Reference table of ICD10 Iris comparability ratios

Analytical Tools

Funnel plot tool for proportions (updated June 2017)
Funnel plot tool for rates (updated June 2017)
Funnel plot tool for ratios (updated June 2017)

Tool for calculating common public health statistics and their confidence intervals

Inequalities calculation tool

Slope index of inequality tool (simulated confidence intervals)

Life expectancy calculator (note this tool is in the process of being updated to reflect current expanded age groups to 90+)

APHO Technical Briefings

APHO Technical Briefing 1 – Sources of data on lifestyle risk factors in local populations
   Detailed Supplement

APHO Technical Briefing 2 – Statistical process control methods in public health intelligence

APHO Technical Briefing 3 – Commonly used public health statistics and their confidence intervals

APHO Technical Briefing 4 – Target setting in a multi-agency environment

APHO Technical Briefing 5 – Geodemographic Segmentation

APHO Technical Briefing 6 – Using small area data in public health intelligence

APHO Technical Briefing 7 – Measuring smoking prevalence in local populations
   Supplementary Paper: Other potential sources of smoking-related data

APHO Technical Briefing 8 – Prevalence Modelling

APHO Technical Briefing 9 – Measuring Sustainable Development

Other APHO Technical Guides

The Good Indicators Guide: Understanding how to use and choose indicators

Dying to know: How to interpret and investigate hospital mortality measures



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