New features

May 2019

Hide/show legend

To make more room for the charts you can now hide the legend area by clicking the Hide legend link at the bottom of the grey navigation area.

Averages calculated for CIPFA nearest neighbours and other ranked 'similar areas' categorisations

This function depends on the value type and the available data. The average is calculated over the area and its comparators.

Edit-link next to the title of bespoke Indicator lists

Clicking the 'edit' link next to the title of your bespoke Indicator lists is an easy way to return to the indicator list management page for refinements or other changes.

Data table to accompany Inequalities trend chart

Inequality trend charts can be very data rich and with criss-crossing categories it can be hard to read the details. The data table shown below the line chart will make this task much easier.

Geography changes

  1. CCGs for April 2019 boundaries introduced and CCGs pre-April 2017 retired
  2. NHS regions - local offices (aka sub-regions) updated
  3. Wards updated
  4. New boundary files for changed maps uploaded

April 2019

STP boundaries updated to July 2018

In July 2018 three STPs merged into one. This change was finally applied to Fingertips and area mappings etc. have been adjusted accordingly.

Bespoke area lists: averages included in trends and download files

On-the-fly generated average values are now shown for bespoke area lists on trend tables and csv files where the value type and the available data allows those to be calculated. 


March 2019

Compare areas – user can toggle between ‘Funnel plot plus table’-view or ‘table only’

Previously the profile owners had to choose for the whole profile if they wanted to include funnel plots or not. If funnel plots where shown the ‘all areas in England’ option was not available. Users can now toggle between the two views, however it depends on the availability of the data if a funnel plot can be drawn.

New local authority areas

In preparation for the local authority boundary changes Fingertips has been set up to show old and new geographies as required. Profile owners can populate the new areas and decide to include the new area option. 

February 2019

Downloadable chart data

In addition to the option to download charts as images the user can now also download the specific set of data that is displayed. 

January 2019

Quintile orientation

Where date are coloured according to which quintile of ranked values they belong to (instead of statistical testing) it is now possible to apply a judgement and to decide if high is good or low is good for an indicator. These indicators are shown in shades of purple. Where no judgement is appropriate the quintiles are shown in shades of blue.

England  as area type in its own right

Up to now Fingertips has treated England as area grouping or parent area. England values can now be shown on their own which is useful for indicators that have only England values and no geographical breakdown.

December 2018

Showing two confidence levels at the same time

Where data is available and the profile owners choose this option we can now display two shades for better/higher and worse/lower depending on the value being beyond the 99.8% limits or between 95 and 99.8%. 

November 2018

Small area maps

Where data is available it can now be displayed on the map for MSOAs and Wards.

Area lists

You can create your own lists of areas to focus on the data that is most relevant to you.

New data highlighted

Newly added or updated data is now highlighted for certain indicators. The time period for which data is considered new will vary for each profile but is usually between 1-3 months.