Notification of changes to the way the Local Authority Health Profiles will be updated
The profiles will no longer contain data new to the public domain. All data in the profiles will be published in an existing PHE profile (e.g. The Public Health Outcomes Framework) prior to, or at the same time as, it is updated in the profiles.
The downloadable profiles will also be updated on a regular basis (previously these were updated once a year).
Therefore, the profiles will no longer be badged as “Official Statistics”.
To find the latest information on what has been updated please refer to the “Recent updates” section of this webpage.

The Local Authority Health Profiles provide an overview of health for each local authority in England. They pull together existing information in one place and contain data on a range of indicators for local populations, highlighting issues that can affect health in each locality.
The profiles are intended as ‘conversation starters’ to help local government and health services make plans to improve the health of their local population and reduce health inequalities.

What do we produce?

image of Health Profile pdf front page

  • A Local Authority Health Profile report that is available to download. These will be updated as new data becomes available.
  • The Health Profiles online tool which provides access to the latest available data. Indicators are made available in the online tool at the same time they are published in other fingertips profiles.

The data can be accessed by clicking the ‘START, Go to the data’ button. Data in the online tool are grouped into seven domains. All indicators are displayed together in a single list under the heading ‘All indicators’.

Local Authority Health Profiles are part of a series of outputs produced by Public Health England summarising the health of the population. The Health Profile for England focuses on national health trends. Local Health provides health information for small areas within local authorities, enabling users to explore differences at a more local level.

If you have any queries our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section is designed to help or alternatively you can use the ‘Contact us’ section to email us.

Revisions to the content of the Health Profiles are listed in the Health Profiles Revisions Log (excel file download).