Health trends in England: A new summary report to introduce Fingertips public health data to a broader audience.

Local authority health profiles 2019

Summary of changes to the local authority health profiles 2019(PDF)

Local authority health profiles 2018

Summary of responses to the health profiles user survey (PDF)

Health profiles 2017

Health profiles 2016

Rationale document to explain the reasoning behind changes made to indicators (PDF)

A labelling error has been identified on page 2. The deprivation map is labelled as IMD 2015. The correct label is IMD 2010.

Data specific questions by year

For a list of questions specific to the data presented within each previous annual health profile in PDF:

You can also find the most up to date information using the definitions display on the online tool. This contains various metadata for each individual indicator including how they have been calculated and their underlying source.