The TB Strategy Monitoring Indicators tool has been developed by UK health Security Agency to allow local information about the high level TB monitoring indicators for the TB action plan for England (2021 to 2026) to be easily accessed. The indicators will enable users to see how their areas are performing against other localities, and to track their performance over time. The interactive maps, graphs and tables can be used to support local areas in assessing their local TB service needs, developing their local TB action plans and monitoring their progress in achieving the ambitions of their local plans and the action plan.

The TB action plan for England, 2021 to 2026 can be accessed via the link: Tuberculosis (TB): action plan for England, 2021 to 2026 - GOV.UK ( 

The data used in this profile was also used to generate the Tuberculosis in England, 2022 reports, which are available here. Please note that the data published here is up to end of 2021, with the last date updated on July 2022. This means that any information after this date will not be reflected in this data. 

Full detail of the metadata can be found using the Definitions tab within the tool. A User Guide for TB Strategy Monitoring Indicators is also available to help navigate this profile.

Note that geographies are assigned to notifications based on the residence postcode. Where this is unavailable, the postcode of clinic or ospital at which they were treated was assigned to the notification.