This profile has been developed to support the work of the Dementia Intelligence Network (DIN) in providing health intelligence with which to inform the provision of care of people in England who have dementia. 

Further products produced by the Neurology and Dementia Intelligence (NDI) team can be found on the Dementia data and analysis. A guide for health professionals website. These other products are part of the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID).

This dementia profile shows indicators arranged into 6 data domains: 

  • prevalence 
  • preventing well 
  • diagnosing well 
  • living well
  • supporting well 
  • dying well

Indicators in the dementia profile are shown at the following levels:

  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Strategic Transformation Partnerships (STP) or Integrated Care Systems (ICS) 
  • local authorities

These indicators give local commissioners and providers the necessary information to benchmark current practice against:

  • other CCGs
  • STP or ICS
  • local authorities
  • England

Data and metadata are available online and as a download document. 

Impact of COVID-19

You must consider the impact of COVID-19 when interpreting the following indicators:

    • 4 indicators using the Quality Outcomes Framework monthly dementia dataset and 3 indicators using the Care Quality Commissions dataset show some of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, as data relates to December 2020
    • 12 indicators that use the Hospital Episode Statistics (Admitted Patient Care) dataset show no impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, as data relates to the financial year end in March 2020
    • 5 indicators that use the Office for National Statistics mortality dataset show no impact of the COVID-19  epidemic, as data relates to calendar year end in December 2019 

For enquiries or feedback relating to the Dementia profile, email

Neurology products

Originally published in March 2015, version 4 of the PHE Defining adult neurological conditions ICD10 code collection was published in April 2021. This collection of codes underpins the outputs produced by the Neurology & Dementia Intelligence team, part of PHE Health Intelligence division.

Further information on all PHE Neurology Intelligence products is available at Neurology data and analysis: a guide for health professionals