This profile was developed originally to support the work of the Dementia Intelligence Network (DIN) in providing health intelligence with which to inform the provision of care of people in England who have dementia. 

This dementia profile shows indicators arranged into 5 data domains: 

  • pathway on a page
  • preventing well
  • diagnosing well and prevalence
  • living well and supporting well
  • dying well

Indicators in the dementia profile are shown for:

  • integrated care boards (ICB) and sub locations (sub ICB) where used
  • local authorities
  • England

Data and metadata are available online and as a download document. 

Further information and products

Dementia new indicators factsheets first published in May 2024

New design Dementia surveillance factsheets first published in January 2024

NDI Defining adult neurological conditions ICD10 code collection version 4 published in April 2021.

Further neurology and dementia intelligence products can be found on:

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