Health trends in England: A new summary report to introduce Fingertips public health data to a broader audience.

The mental health intelligence profiles provide information with which to develop an understanding of mental health, related risk, and service provision at a local level and so empower an intelligence-driven approach. The profiles collate and present a wide range of data, developed from a variety of relevant, robust sources. The profiling tool allows planners, providers and stakeholders to profile their area and benchmark against similar populations. The aim is to provide information for improvement, not judgement.

Tool structure

There are seven profiles, which present data in the form of indicators, grouped into topic areas, which include prevalence, risk and protective factors, quality and outcomes, and service use. A number of geographies are available with which to view each indicator and these include NHS geographies such as clinical commissioning group (CCG), integrated care board (ICB), and local government geographies such as upper tier local authority (UTLA) and regions, as well as England level data.

Supporting information

The mental health intelligence network also produces a range of additional intelligence products with which to assist health professionals in key decision-making. The range of information, when used alongside the profile may enable and improve decisions about local services. The full range of intelligence resources that accompany the profiles are found in Mental health data and analysis: a guide for health professionals.

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