The Mental Health and Wellbeing Joint Strategic Needs assessment (JSNA) profile is part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing JSNA Toolkit which includes a set of knowledge guides offering:

  • expert advice
  • links to policy
  • evidence
  • additional data sources

The goal of this profile and toolkit is to support Health and Wellbeing Boards and others interested in producing local mental health and wellbeing JSNAs. To achieve this, it provides access to metrics that can be used to benchmark to meaningful comparison groups. The metrics are on:

  • prevalence
  • risk and protective factors
  • care provision (both activity volumes and quality and outcome metrics)

The profile is also a gateway to the other mental health profiles. More detail on specific conditions and client groups can be found in those.

Mental Health and Wellbeing JSNA Data

Data are organised across 6 topics:

To enable comparison within as well as between local areas, indicators are presented at:

  • local authority (county, unitary and district)
  • ward
  • Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP)
  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • GP practice levels 

Data comes from several sources and varies by time period, population and presentation of value.

Interpretation of data should be done carefully. Detailed meta data and any caveats are set out in the definitions section. Not all indicators are available at all levels. 

In addition to the subject of mental health, the profile also includes the topic of ‘Wellbeing’. This aids effective assessment of wellbeing at a local level. Additionally, an introduction to the topic of wellbeing  includes links to useful resources.

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