Consultation on Health and Social Care Statistical Products

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) defines wellbeing as the “measuring how people are doing as individuals, as communities, and as a nation”.

Measuring wellbeing


Measuring wellbeing helps planners to assess how well places are doing at supporting people and communities to thrive.

The wellbeing indicators were built on a scoping project and co-commissioned by:

The indicators were additionally developed in collaboration with What Works Wellbeing and the Centre for Thriving Places.

The project identified a set of 26 ideal wellbeing indicators across 7 themes:

  • personal wellbeing
  • economy
  • education and childhood
  • wellbeing equality
  • health
  • place
  • social relationships

OHID developed the wellbeing framework within Fingertips, and at present, 22 of the 26 indicators and 6 of the 7 themes are available. The remaining 4 indicators and the wellbeing equality theme will be added when relevant data is available. 

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