The Severe Mental Illness Profiling tool is part of a suite that make population level data on mental health publicly available, and supports an intelligence driven approach to understanding and meeting need.

The tool collates and analyses a wide range of data on prevalence, risk, prevention, early intervention, assessment, treatment, outcomes and inequality. It provides commissioners, service providers, clinicians, services users and their families with the means to profile areas and benchmark against similar populations.

Note: data are drawn from many sources and vary by time period, population and presentation of values. Care should be taken with interpretation. Detailed meta data and any caveats are set out in the Definitions section.

Significant updates

April 2021 - an Exploring Inequality domain has been added to this profiling tool. It includes metrics that can be further broken down by population characteristic and by deprivation grouping.

Go to Exploring Inequality for an introduction on content and using this new domain.

To go direct to the available metrics click on Inequality in detail 

December 2020 - 2 new indicators on mortality in adults with SMI have been added. These are:

  • premature mortality in adults with SMI
  • excess under 75 mortality rate in adults with SMI

and can be found in Quality and Outcomes domain, for area County and UA pre 4/19 


Supporting documents