Further Resources

The section contains links to more data, information and ideas that can help you to explore the issues raised in this profile in more detail and inform actions to improve health outcomes.  

If you have examples of good practice in reducing the impact of MSK conditions that you would like to share in this section, please get in touch at msk.enquiries@phe.gov.uk 

Public Health Bulletins

Public Health England and Arthritis Research UK have produced a set of Public Health Bulletins which were designed to illustrate the scale of the burden of back pain and osteoarthritis both nationally and in local areas. In addition to prevalence data, the bulletins contain risk factor information and examples of local actions you can take to reduce the burden of back pain and osteoarthritis in your area.


Public Health Approach

This report by Arthritis Research UK presents a new way of thinking about musculoskeletal conditions. Everyone can do something to improve and maintain the health of their bones, joints, muscles and spine, at every age:

You can find the full report here:


MSK Return on Investment Tool

The return on investment tool has been produced by Public Health England and pulls together evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for a number of interventions for musculoskeletal conditions.

The tool allows results to be tailored to local situations based on the knowledge of the user. All interventions are aimed at those of working age. The tool is accompanied by:


Providing physical activity interventions for people with musculoskeletal conditions report

This is a report jointly produced by Public Health England, Arthritis Research UK, the Department of Health and NHS England and is endorsed by the Local Government Association, Royal College of General Practitioners and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

The report reviews the benefits of physical activity both for people with musculoskeletal conditions and wider society, and provides a framework that supports a tiered approach to intervention.


Working with Arthritis

This report produced by Arthritis Research UK describes the impact of musculoskeletal conditions on the UK workforce and gives the perspectives of people with musculoskeletal conditions about working life. It considers:


Musculoskeletal Conditions and Multimorbidities Report

Arthritis Research UK released a report on musculoskeletal diseases and multimorbidities highlighting that athritis and/or back pain are often present alongside other long term conditions, but it is the musculoskeletal condition that usually reduces quality of life the most. The full report is available at:


The Health Profile for England

The Health Profile for England was realised on 13th July 2017 and highlighted that back pain continues to be the number one cause of morbidity in the England for men and women. The document was realised on gov.uk and a webcast is also available on PHE's Youtube channel



State of Musculoskeletal Health 2018

Arthritis Research UK produced a report on a range of musculoskeletal conditions highlighting prevalence rates, risk factors and impact, it is available at:


NHS Right Care focus packs

The MSK Right Care focus packs include a wide range of outcome measures and information on the most common procedures and diagnoses for MSK. PDF's are available for each CCG in England as well as a focus tool which enables users to view maps, charts and tables for each of the MSK indicators at a CCG level.