Health trends in England: A new summary report to introduce Fingertips public health data to a broader audience.

Increases in life expectancy and advances in healthcare have led to increasing numbers of people living with multiple long-term health conditions (commonly referred to as 'multi-morbidity'). This has significant implications for the appropriate management of these conditions. There are also increases in the number of people who are frail - those who are less able to cope and recover from accidents, physical illness or other stressful events. People may be assessed as having mild, moderate or severe frailty.

We intend to develop measures of multi-morbidity and frailty in the Productive Healthy Ageing Profile in due course. Meanwhile, the following selected 'Data sources & developments', 'Guidance, recommendations & resource collections', 'Review & research publications by year' and 'Related topics' sections can provide insights into the scale of the issues and inform appropriate management and interventions: 

Data sources & developments

Guidance, recommendations & resource collections

Review & research publications by year

Related topics