Falls & fractures

The following selected 'Data sources', 'Guidance & reviews for professionals', 'Guidance for the public' and 'Other relevant topics' can be used to inform falls and fractures prevention: 

Data sources

  • Productive Healthy Ageing Profile - includes comparisons and trends in emergency admissions due to falls and fractures in age over 65 and by age group, plus related prevention and condition management indicators, at local, regional and national level published by Public Health England
  • Global Burden of Diseases data visualisation tool - includes contribution of falls to disability and deaths. International comparative data down to England local authority level and by age group published by the University of Washington. Includes a data download option.
  • Projecting Older People Population Information (POPPI) System - includes projected falls and falls admissions and other relevant data by age group at national, regional and local authority level. Published by Oxford Brookes University and the Institute of Public Care.
  • GP Patient Survey results - reports and analysis tool published by NHS England. Includes data on those who have had two or more falls that have needed medical attention and other relevant data at national, regional and CCG level
  • Hospital Episode statistics (HES) including A&E and admissions data published by NHS Digital (may need to right-click, copy & paste link in an alternative browser). 
  • National Hip Fracture Database - an audit of hip fracture care and secondary prevention in England, Wales and Northern Ireland published by the Royal College of Physicians
  • Fracture Liaison Service Database - an audit of secondary fracture prevention in England and Wales published by the Royal College of Physicians
  • Mortality statistics - underlying cause, sex and age - data interrogation tool published by the Office for National Statistics

Guidance & reviews for professionals

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Guidance for the public

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