Consultation on Health and Social Care Statistical Products


The tool presents indicators split into 6 domains:

  • natural and built environment
  • work and the labour market
  • income and vulnerability
  • crime
  • education
  • Marmot indicators

Some domains cover a broader range of topics than others and can be sub-divided into more specific themes. For example, the ‘natural and built environment’ for example covers the five themes of neighbourhood design, housing, healthy food, natural and sustainable environments, and transport networks.


Indicator selection follows the literature and expertise within advisory groups. The aim is to provide a selection of indicators across a range of topics, not to cover all wider determinants as this would be a very large set of indicators.

Due to reliance on pre-existing indicators in the early stages of development, many indicators are proxy measures of wider determinants such as behaviours or outcomes (not direct measures) because such indicators are more commonly used in public health. Over time, more direct measures of wider determinants will be developed and will replace proxy measures where appropriate.