Alcohol consumption and availability

This section contains key reports focused on the assessment and evaluation of alcohol consumption in the UK.

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

UK Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines on how to keep health risks from drinking alcohol to a low level. 

UK Chief Medical Officers' Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

ABV levels in beer, cider and wine for the ‘in-home’ market

Review of typical alcohol by volume (ABV) levels in beer, cider and wine purchased for the ‘in-home’ market. 

ABV levels in beer, cider and wine for the ‘in-home’ market

LAPE update, August 2019

Statistical commentary of the latest data included in LAPE including licensed premises, August 2019.

LAPE statistical commentary, August 2019

Local Alcohol Consumption Survey National Report

A summary of results from an alcohol consumption survey of 25 upper tier local authorities in England.

Local Alcohol Consumption Survey Report

Alcohol sales in England

Estimated on and off-trade sales of alcohol in England in 2014

Alcohol sales in England in 2014: Analysis to assess suitability for inclusion in LAPE

Alcohol consumption and harm among under 18 year olds

This report examines the available data on alcohol use and harm among those aged under 18 years of age to investigate trends and highlight any areas for public health action.

Data intelligence summary: alcohol consumption and harm among under 18 year olds

Alcohol licensing: data for public health teams

This resource provides details of datasets or sources of information available to examine the impact of alcohol licensing.  The worksheet provides a list of data relevant to the licensing objectives as well as where this data is available and at what geographical granularity.

Alcohol harms and licensing: available data resource