Health trends in England: A new summary report to introduce Fingertips public health data to a broader audience.


The breastfeeding indicators include:

  • demographics
  • risk factors
  • outcomes

Healthcare use

The healthcare use indicators presents information on the use of NHS services.


Long term conditions and complex health needs

The long term and complex health needs indicators include information on children and young people with long terms conditions, such as:

  • asthma, diabetes and epilepsy  
  • complex needs


This child mortality rates indicators offer information on child mortality, including:

  • stillbirth and infant mortality
  • risk factors such as vaccination levels
  • road traffic accidents

Oral health

The oral health indicators offer information on child oral health, including:

  • prevalence and severity of tooth decay in young children
  • hospital tooth extraction rates of young children due to tooth decay

Oral health is part of the responsibilities for improving health and reducing inequalities local authorities have. By adopting healthy behaviours, children and young people can dramatically reduce the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, the main oral diseases.

The oral health indicators can be used as important contributions to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA).

Reliable data on tooth decay levels can assist with planning and commissioning oral health improvement programmes. These should be commissioned following strategic planning, considering the measured health needs of the population. Guidance on commissioning effective oral health improvement programmes is available from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities and NICE.

Unintentional injuries

The indicators on unintentional injuries offer data on injuries suffered by children and young people.

There are also local authority reports related to this subject for unintentional injuries in and around the home and on the roads.

Vaccinations and immunisations

The indicators on vaccinations and immunisations presents data on vaccinations and immunisations for pre-school and school-aged children.

Vulnerable children and young people

The indicators on vulnerable children and young adults includes indicators on vulnerable children and young people, including:

  • children in care by age
  • outcomes for children in care
  • teenage mothers
  • children and young people in contact with the criminal justice system
  • homelessness

A report about improving health outcomes for vulnerable children is also available for each upper-tier local authority. There is also a similar report for speech, language and communication.

Further resources

The resources page offers a list of links and reports on the child and maternal health topics.