Welcome to the Neurology Profiles. These profiles have been developed to support the work of the Neurology Intelligence Network (NIN) in providing health intelligence with which to inform the provision of care and treatment of people in England who have a neurological condition.

The indicators in the Neurological Profiles are currently arranged into three data domains covering:

  • Neurology services;
  • Epilepsy care;
  • Emergency hospital admissions for neurological conditions.

The data is analysed by benchmarking and can be seen on a map or as an area profile. Specific area profiles can be downloaded for English CCG geographies in PDF format, available in the downloads section. Data and metadata is also available online and as a download document.

As the understanding of the neurology space evolved over the past two years and better quality data sets have been developed, the neurology profiles have been superseded by two other products: NIN Hospital Activity Compendium and Right Care neurology focus packs, tool and data. There are no current plans to update the neurology profiles but the legacy data is still available.

To access the Neurology Profiles, please click on the adjacent start button. A user guide is also available. Please find a link to the neurology data catalogue, providing a list of resources related to neurological conditions and signposting to relevant datasets. Further resources are available on the MHDNIN neurology intelligence website.

Recent updates

October 2016

  • Release of Hospital Activity Compendium by NIN providing data analysis of neurology hospital activity in England 2012 to 2015.
  • Data available here

April/May 2016