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The Mental Health Dementia and Neurology Intelligence Network - improving the health of communities by making data and information accessible.


These system profiling tools are available to all. They are primarily intended to provide better access to data and information to support people involved in commissioning, planning and providing services locally. The tools bring together a wide range of publicly available data to offer a broad picture of mental health dementia and neurology and provide the means to focus on specific topic areas. The tools enable and advocate benchmarking against peers. The core aim is to provide information for improvement, not judgement.

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Mental Health Dementia and Neurology

Children's and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

This tool presents collated data on risk, prevalence and the range of health, social care and education services that support children with, or vulnerable to, mental illness.

Co-existing substance misuse and mental health issues

This tool presents data on smoking, alcohol use and drug use, including prevalence and treatment demand and response, alongside related mental health data to inform practice around co-existing substance use and mental health issues.

Common Mental Health Disorders

This tool presents collated risk, prevalence, early intervention, assessment and treatment, outcomes and service costs data relating to people with common mental health disorders, including depression and anxiety disorders.

Community Mental Health Profiles

These Profiles pull together a range of mental health data at CCG level and are principally intended to support local needs assessment, policy, planning, performance management, surveillance and practice.

Dementia Profile

This profile presents data following the dementia pathway of care including indicators for: prevalence, preventing well, diagnosing well, living well, supporting well and dying well. These aim to measure the health needs of the population in order to support processes such as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment.

Neurology Profiles

These Profiles illustrate health statistics around neurology services, emergency hospital admissions for common neurological conditions and a more detailed analysis of an epilepsy care profile.

Severe Mental Illness

This tool presents collated risk, prevalence, early intervention, assessment and treatment, outcomes and service costs data relating to people with severe mental illness. It also provides a set of high level indicators that relate to the psychosis care pathway.

Suicide Prevention Profile

This profile brings together nationally available data on suicide, risk factors for suicide and service contacts for groups at increased risk of suicide. The data is presented at local level to help develop understanding, and support benchmarking, commissioning and service improvement.