Welcome to the Community Mental Health Profiles. This tool pulls together a range of mental health data at CCG level and is principally intended to support local needs assessment, policy, planning, performance management, surveillance and practice.

The Community Health Profiles will be replaced by new Mental Health JSNA profiles by December 2016.

Although the profiles are no longer being updated systematically, we have refreshed the values for some indicators that have been updated in other profiles.

In the meantime, we are updating the other mental health profiles regularly and these contain a considerable number of mental health indicators that can be used to support the same local public health and health care activities.

A user guide is available to support the use of the Community Mental Health Profiles


Recent updates

June 2016


5 Levels of Mental Health and Illness indicators (prevalence & incidence)

6 Treatment indicators &

2 Outcomes indicators


June 2014

First version released