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The government’s Tobacco Control Plan for England sets out a commitment to implement comprehensive smokefree policies, including integrated tobacco dependence treatment pathways, in all mental health services by 2018.

There are 3 things that make a trust smokefree:

  1. Every frontline professional discusses smoking with their patients.
  2. Stop smoking support is offered on site or referral to local services.
  3. Completely smokefree buildings or grounds.

This can be achieved through the full implementation of NICE guidance PH48

The Tobacco Control Plan emphasizes the importance of the NHS creating and enabling working environments which encourage smokers to quit and leading by example. Public Health England are committed to the following:

  1. To support NHS England to help smokers using, visiting or working in the NHS to quit.
  2. To support NHS Trusts and secondary care units to implement NICE guidance PH48 on stopping smoking for people using maternity, mental health and acute services.

To work with willing employers to develop advice for how employers across different industries can best support their workforces to stop smoking including the implementation of NICE guidance PH5 on workplace interventions to help people stop smoking.