Smokefree NHS

What is a smokefree NHS?

  • every frontline healthcare professional discussing smoking with their patients

  • all smokers offered on-site stop smoking support or referral to local services

  • completely smokefree buildings and grounds

This can be achieved through the full implementation of NICE guidance PH48. 

The Tobacco Control Plan emphasizes the importance of the NHS creating and enabling working environments which encourage smokers to quit and leading by example. Public Health England are committed to the following:

  • to support NHS England to help smokers using, visiting or working in the NHS to quit.

  • to support NHS Trusts and secondary care units to implement NICE guidance PH48 on stopping smoking for people using maternity, mental health and acute services.

  • to work with willing employers to develop advice for how employers across different industries can best support their workforces to stop smoking including the implementation of NICE guidance PH5 on workplace interventions to help people stop smoking.

Some useful links can be found below. 

Key resources:

Royal College of Physcians Report, Hiding in Plain Sight: Treating Tobacco Dependency in the NHS (2018) addresses the harms and costs arising from smoking in the patients clinicians see every day, and argues for a new approach to treating their addiction.

London Clinical Senate Helping Smokers Quit Programme report, including key learnings and recommendations to assist clinicians, commissioners and providers to support quitting for hospitalised patients. The programme webpage also provides access to relevant presentations, briefings, training materials and factsheets.

PHE Tobacco Control: joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) support pack – good practice prompts for planning comprehensive local tobacco control interventions in 2017-18 (includes chapters primary care, secondary care, and supporting pregnant women and people with mental health problems to stop smoking)

PHE menu of preventative interventions to support implementation of local sustainability and transformation plans.  This includes sections acute, mental health and maternity settings.


Smokefree NHS Assessment tools:

CLeaR deep-dive self-assessments are featured in the tobacco control delivery plan and aimed at supporting local NHS Trusts, and their partners,  to undertake an in-depth look atheir  tobacco control activity in the following NHS settings:

Stopping smoking in acute settings and maternity

Stopping smoking in mental health settings

Stopping smoking during and after pregnancy


National CQUIN 2017-2019

PHE Health matters blog: preventing ill health from alcohol and tobacco.  This professional resource makes the case for why NHS providers should implement the preventing ill health by risky behaviours – alcohol and tobacco CQUIN.


Case Studies

Smoke-free implementation in the Sheffield NHS Trust 

Additional resources:

PHE Public Health Matters Blog - Public perceptions of a smokefree NHS

ASH Councillor Briefing: NHS Implementation of the Tobacco Control Plan

PHE Campaign Resource Centre   

The NHS Smokefree Pledge:  

Smokefree Action Coalition  

NFCC: E-cigarette use in smokefree NHS settings