The goal of this profile is to support an intelligence driven approach to understanding and meeting children and young people’s mental health. It is for:

  • commissioners
  • service providers
  • clinicians
  • service users and their families

Users can benchmark their area against England, region or similar populations. It collates and analyses a wide range of publicly available information on:

Exploring Inequality 

In November 2021, an Exploring Inequality domain was added to this profile. This includes the following metrics:

  • population characteristic
  • deprivation grouping

For an introduction on content and using this new domain, go to Exploring Inequality.

To go to the available metrics, go to Inequality in detail.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Guide for Mental Health and Wellbeing JSNA

The Children and Young People's section of the Knowledge Guide for Mental Health and Wellbeing JSNA offers:

  •  expert advice
  • links to policy
  • links to evidence

You should use this toolkit in conjunction with the return on investment resources. Its goal is to support local commissioners in designing and implementing mental health and wellbeing support services.

NICE publications

The National Institute for Health and Care Experience (NICE) publishes a range of guidances that is relevant to Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing, including:

NHS Digital publications

NHS Digital publish a collection of mental health data and interactive dashboards in the Mental Health Data Hub which includes mental health data relating to children and young people in England.

Department of Health

Children and Young’s People’s Mental Health is a key focus of national policies, including:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

In 2022, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published an update of the ‘Review of children and young people's mental health services’, originally published in 2017. Phase One of the reports looks at the quality and accessibility of these services and a subsequent thematic review includes recommendations to address issues within mental health services. 

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