Welcome to the Learning Disability Health Profiles. These provide a range of data about people with learning disabilities. The profiles can be used by health and social care commissioners, and care professionals to help make decisions about services for people with learning disabilities.

These profiles are broken down to upper tier Local Authority level, Region, and England. This means you can look at the situation for your area. You can compare your area to others like it.

The indicators are grouped into four domains-

  1. Population
  2. Health
  3. Accommodation and social care
  4. Co-ordination and local planning

There is more information about the data covered by the profiles in our annual report People with Learning Disabilities in England. This covers a wide range of information about population numbers, education, health and social care. You can download it from


People with learning disabilities have poorer health than the general population.  There is more information about rates of illnesses and weight problems on the NHS digital website.  Key links are:

Home page

Interactive browser

Detailed report explaining the first year’s data



Recent updates

October 2019

The indicator 'Proportion (%) of eligible adults with a learning disability having a GP health check' has been updated to include 2017/18 data.

August 2019

All the indicators in the domain 'accomodation and social care' except the one around section 42 enquiries have been updated to the 2017/18 data. Also, the indicator 'adults with learning disabilities getting long- term support from local authorities in the 'population' domain has been updated.

December 2018

Children with Special Eductional Needs (SEN) indicators 92127, 92129, 92131, 92133 and 92135 updated to include 2018 data.

August 2018

The indicator 'Learning Disability- QOF Prevalence' has been updated to correct an error which was reported in the earlier update.

Feb 2018

Data updated for 2015/16 for all indicators and 2016/17 wherever source data was available. Some of the definitions within source data has changed and as a result, these indicators will not be comparable to previous years. See specific indicator metadata for more information.

Please note: Data for indicator 'Adults (18 and older) with learning disability getting long term support from Local Authorities (indicator number 93125) has been updated since the latest release in January 2018.

Feb 2016

New indicators produced for 2014/15 information that are similar to the indicators previously available. The data to continue each of the previous indicators was not identical for 2014/15 update, therefore indicators cannot be continued as trends would be misleading. See specific indicator metadata for more information.

Mar 2015

First version released on Fingertips. Previously held on Instant Atlas.