Cardiovascular disease profiles

This tool presents an overview of data on cardiovascular and cardiovascular related conditions of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. The profiles are for commissioners and health professionals when assessing the impact of cardiovascular disease on their local population and making decisions about services. They include data on mortality, hospital admissions, procedures and disease management.

Narrative profile reports are available for each clinical commissioning group (CCG) in England. To download these for a specific CCG click on the links below:

Heart Disease


Kidney Disease


Alternatively click on the Start button to go to the data directly.

The profiles are created and maintained by the National Cardiovascular Intelligence Network (NCVIN).

Other CVD data and intelligence resources 

NCVIN collates and produces other intelligence resources to help health professionals to make or influence decisions about local services. Guidance on these resources can be found here.

Recent updates

May 2018

An additional page has been added to the diabetes narrative report. The page contains analysis regarding the achievement of care process targets, taken from the most recent National Diabetes Audit publication. Corresponding data also made available online

February 2018

Admissions, mortality, treatment care and services provision data updated for heart disease, stroke, kidney and diabetes online

Narrative reports updated for heart disease, stroke, kidney and diabetes

December 2017

CCG and GP indicators from the Quality and Outcomes Framework (2016/17) updated in online data

CCG and GP indicators from the National Diabetes Audit (Report 1 Care Processes and Treatment Targets 2016-17) updated in online data