By signing in you will be able to create personalised area lists and select your bespoke indicator lists which allows you to view a profile that is very much tailored to your needs.

This registration is required to link your bespoke area lists and indicator lists with you which enables you to access them from any device and to edit and manage them when you come back to the site. 

This is the main purpose for which your details are used and we will never share your email or any other personal data with anyone else. We are not planning to contact you by email but would consider to approach you in this way if there are technical issues we need to inform you about, such as problems with access to the lists.

Your specific experience with the Fingertips tool could be particularly helpful for user research, for example on further development for list sharing, list managed by teams, etc. and we might take the liberty to get in touch. We ask for your job title and your organisation to better understand at an aggregate level who our users are, in order to improve our services.

If an account is not used for more than three years the personal information and the related data will be deleted. You can delete your registration at any time.