The Sexual and Reproductive Health Profiles have been developed by Public Health England (PHE) to support local authorities, public health leads and other interested parties to monitor the sexual and reproductive health of their population and the contribution of local public health related systems.

Interactive maps, charts and tables provide a snapshot and trends across a range of topics including teenage pregnancy, abortions, contraception, HIV, sexually transmitted infections and sexual offences. Wider influences on sexual health such as alcohol use, and other topics particularly relating to teenage conceptions such as education and deprivation level, are also included. 

To accompany this tool, advice and further data can be found in:

Developments and contact details

The range of indicators and their presentation will be extended and refined as further data sources and software functionality become available. We also make ongoing improvements to the tool, including the accompanying indicator definitions and supporting information, following user feedback and reviews.

Feedback is welcomed - please email us at Alternatively, you may wish to discuss issues raised with local or regional PHE contacts, including PHE Sexual Health Facilitators who are attached to each PHE Centre. 

Recent updates

6 March 2018

Pelvic inflammatory disease admissions rate and ectopic pregnancy admissions rate indicators updated to 2016/17.

A new indicator 'Under 25s individuals attend specialist contraceptive services rate', has been added for 2014-2016 for males and females separately.

Infectious diseases in pregnancy screening – HIV coverage (PHOF indicator 2.20vii) updated to 2016/17.

5 December 2017

Proportion of TB cases offered an HIV test (TB Strategy Monitoring) indicator updated to 2016 and all previous years updated using most recent TB notification dataset.

16 November 2017

An error has been detected and 2016 data removed for 2 related contraception indicators: SRH services prescribed LARC and Total prescribed LARC. The revised versions will be released 5 December.

7 November 2017

All contraception indicators updated to 2016

3 October 2017

HIV indicators updated to include 2016 data and revision of previously published data to reflect clinic/laboratory resubmissions and improvements to data cleaning. Therefore, data may differ from previous publications.

1 August 2017

Abortion indicators updated to 2016 (Note: i) reflects small adjustments that the Dept of Health will shortly make to their online abortion statistics ii) abortions over 10 weeks that are medical indicator considered less useful so has been removed). Pupil absence indicator updated to 2015/16. First time entrants to youth justice system indicator updated to 2016. 

4 July 2017

Pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy admissions indicators updated to 2015-16 and England totals 2008-09 to 2014-15 revised to include records not assigned an area of residence.

15 June 2017

All STI and HIV testing indicators relating to GUMCADv2 and CTAD data update – to include 2016 data and revision of previously published data to reflect resubmissions and improvements to data cleaning. Therefore, data may differ from previous publications.

Under 18s admission episodes for alcohol-specific conditions – revised definition (admissions rather than person-based), extended trend data and update to 2013/14-2015/16 (three financial years pooled).

New functions added to the tool:

  • Inequalities view for some indicators
  • England view
  • Population pyramid view
  • Box plot view
  • ‘Combined authorities’ groups added to the ‘Areas grouped by’ – some local authorities are grouped into 9 combined authorities in England