Sector Led Improvement

There are a range of resources for sector led improvement across the wider public health agenda and specifically supported by the ADPH and also the LGA. For tobacco control, CLeaR is an evidence based improvement model designed to support local authorities, tobacco alliances, health and wellbeing boards and influential partners in taking effective action to reduce the use of tobacco and the costs of smoking. 

The Tobacco Control Plan for England advocates that local systems should undertake CLeaR.  In response to the plan, CLeaR has been revised to take into account new commitments and offers new ‘deep dive’ self-assessment tools on specific topics relating to smoking in acute settings, mental health settings, pregnancy, and illegal tobacco.

Below you will find links to reports and other useful websites on tobacco related sector led improvement. Note that this page is still being developed. If you have any further resources that could be included please contact  

The CLeaR improvement model: excellence in tobacco control.

CLeaR local tobacco control assessment tools.

LGA: Sector-led improvement for public health, prevention and early intervention

ADPH Sector Led Improvement - Leadership  

ADPH London