Consultation on Health and Social Care Statistical Products

Tool structure

Data follows these 3 domains:

  • Suicide data
  • Related risk factors
  • Related service contacts

Domains group data following this structure:

  • by geography: Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or Local Authority
  • by topic

For example, the CCG 'Related service contacts' domain presents data on primary care, then IAPT, then specialist care, and ends with emergency care.

Tool content

Data comes from several sources and varies by time period and presentation of value. Some values are based on small numbers. Interpretation of data should be done carefully. Detailed metadata is in the Definitions section.

Data quality

Data items are included if viewed as robust, of sufficient quality, or offer an important element that could not be otherwise gained. Each indicator has been assessed and labelled with its quality rank.

Supporting documents

The following resources have been developed to further support the end users: