Alcohol and crime

There is a well-established and complex link between drugs, alcohol and crime.  Alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes in England, as well as contributing to public disorder and anti-social behaviour in our communities.  There is significant hidden harm associated with alcohol due to its contribution to domestic violence and child neglect.

Parental alcohol misuse and children

POSTNOTE report outlining what is known about the prevalence of parental alcohol misuse in the UK and reviews evidence about its effects.

Parental Alcohol Misuse and Children

The effect of drug and alcohol treatment on re-offending

This experimental statistical report contains initial findings from a project that has linked drug and alcohol treatment data held by Public Health England with data on offenders held by the Ministry of Justice.

The impact of community-based drug and alcohol treatment on re-offending report

Road casualties involving illegal alcohol levels

Publication from the Department of Transport presenting provisional estimates of casualties arising from reported accidents involving at least one motor vehicle driver or rider over the legal alcohol limit for driving, in Great Britain in 2016.

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: Estimates for accidents involving illegal alcohol levels: 2016 (provisional)