Further resources

Multi-morbidity modelled prevalence estimates for local geographies

Public Health England’s South West Local Knowledge and Intelligence Service team have produced multi-morbidity prevalence estimates derived both from observed prevalence estimates provided by Barnett and colleagues in Scotland and from South Somerset's Symphony Project. These can be downloaded from the PHE National Intelligence Knowledge Hub site (need to register).

There are reference tables containing data for each English region, local authority and ward (Barnett data only), plus region-specific decile of relative area deprivation. These reference tables estimate sex-and-age-specific prevalence of multi-morbidity (2+) and (3+ conditions). Drawing on the Symphony data, there is also estimated prevalence of multi-morbidity by type of condition (i.e. prevalence of multiple long-term physical conditions only, multiple mental health conditions only, and physical and mental health conditions combined).  Within the excel workbooks, the first 3 sheets explain which conditions have been included, the methods used to create the estimates, and links to the original studies.

There is also a report and audio-visual presentation available, which was produced for the South West region of England. These are based on the observed prevalence estimates used in Barnett’s study.

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