Key national & international sources

The following selected 'Data sources', 'Publications by year''UK websites' and 'International websites' provide an overview of issues and guidance relevant to healthy ageing, including addressing the impact of COVID-19:

Data sources

  • COVID-19: impacts on health - reports and tools - including the Wider Impacts of COVID-19 on Health (WICH) monitoring tool providing a wide range of national indicators by age group - published by Public Health England
  • Subnational ageing tool displaying variations in current and projected data at local, region and national level relating to populations, living alone, employment and life expectancy published by the Office for National Statistics
  • Projecting Older People Population Information (POPPI) System - population estimates and projections at national, regional and local authority level for age groups over age 65 and by gender, ethnic group, living/housing status, support arrangement, health condition and learning disability. Published by Oxford Brookes University and the Institute of Public Care.
  • Projecting Adult Needs & Service Information (PANSI) - population estimates and projections at national, regional and local authority level for ages 18-64, including age groups 45-54 & 55-64, and by gender, ethnic group, learning disability, physical disability and mental health condition. Published as above.
  • Global Burden of Diseases (GBD) data visualisation tool - international comparative data down to England local authority level by age group, including 50-69 and 70+, sex and year, showing the relative contributions of risks to and causes of death and disability, published by the University of Washington based on international collaboration. The Lancet GBD Resource Centre provides accompanying papers and infographics.
  • See the other topic-based Further Resources sections and also the International Organsation Websites section below for more data sources

Publications by year

UK websites

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