Healthy & risk behaviours

The following selected resources provide data and further guidance on health-related behaviours and linked states. Includes sections: 'Overview' (for resources covering a range of topics) and 'Physical activity', 'Strength & balance', 'Smoking', 'Alcohol misuse, 'Diet' and 'Obesity' (for more topic specific resources).


Overview data sources

Overview general resources

Physical activity

Physical activity data sources

  • Physical Activity profile tool - annual local authority level data published by Public Health England 
  • Active Lives surveys - includes local authority level data - and regular Coronavirus impact on physical activity surveys published by Sport England. There is the option to build an Active Lives query on multiple dimensions e.g. to look at various physical activity measures by age group, geographical area, time period and other dimensions.
  • Brisk walking and physical inactivity in 40 to 60 year olds - ad hoc analysis of 2016 to 2017 Active Lives data published by Public Health England. Accompanying data tables include a breakdown by age groups up to age 75+ and by sex, region, deprivation decile, ethnic group and whether have a limiting disability or illness.
  • See also the Overview data sources section above

Physical activity publications by year

Physical activity general resources

Strength & balance


Alcohol misuse



Obesity data sources 

Obesity general resources