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Cardiovascular disease primary care intelligence packs.

These packs can help healthcare professionals make decisions about how to improve local primary care.

There is a pack with local CVD information for each clinical commissioning group (CCG). The packs look at prevention, diagnosis, care and outcomes and allow for comparison between CCGs and between GP practices.

Use the pack to identify local variation and ask questions about where and how the quality of care may be improved.

The data used in the packs are from the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), unless otherwise indicated.

Recent updates

May 2019

Method clarification for AF prevalence estimates: To obtain expected number of cases, the proportion of people expected to have AF in 2015/16 has been applied to 2017/18 GP populations.

February 2019

2017/18 Intelligence packs available

Dec 2018

2016/17 Intelligence packs available