This section presents data on factors around health behaviours and risky behaviour in young people. It includes What About YOUth? survey data. It is maintained by the National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network.

The data in this tool has been collated from the What About YOUth 2014 (WAY 2014) survey. The Children and Young People’s Health Outcomes Forum identified gaps in data relating to the health and wellbeing of young people in the Public Health Outcomes Framework. As part of a direct response to this, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), now NHS Digital, was commissioned by the Department of Health to develop the WAY 2014 survey.

A local authority breakdown of key indicators with comparisons to other sources is available from the Download tab, and a report relating to wellbeing based on WAY survey data was published in January 2018.

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Recent updates

March 2018

As the Overview of Child Health profile has been updated; the following indicators in this profile have also been updated with more recent data:

  • Hospital admissions due to substance misuse (15-24 years) (LA)

February 2017

All National Child and Maternal Health Intelligence Network data transferred from ChiMat's Data Atlas to Public Health England's Fingertips website, and new Child and Maternal Health section launched.

February 2016

National data can now be viewed by gender

December 2015

First version released